7 Remedies to Burn Abdominal Fat

Many times we think that we need a diet to lose weight, but in reality, we need to reduce abdominal fat and no matter how we lose weight, the belly is still there. It is one of the areas where most liquid and fat we retain are and, unfortunately, where it is most difficult to eliminate them.

But that will not be a problem for you because with these 10 natural remedies you will notice how you eliminate the fat and your abdomen becomes flatter. The combination of a healthy diet, a dose of exercise and these remedies will be the key to your belly fat loss secret.

1- Honey and Cinnamon

The perfect way to activate our metabolism is with these two star ingredients. Cinnamon is a natural fat burner, helps us eliminate fluids, as well as regulate blood glucose levels. Not only will you achieve your goal of lowering your belly, but you will be rejuvenating your body both on the outside and inside.

To prepare it, we have to mix one tablespoon of honey with another of cinnamon. Add it to a glass of boiling water and drink it as an infusion. Take the preparation fasting before breakfast and also before going to bed.

2- Drink lemon juice with a little ginger

ginger lemon juice to burn fat

Lemon’s slimming properties are so well known that it can not be lacking in any diet. To be effective, we have to mix the lemon juice with hot water and take it on an empty stomach. What does it produce in our body? As it turns out, it increases thermogenesis. And what is that? It is the process that activates our body to burn calories. Now you know why lemon can not be lacking in your diet.

3- Green Tea

It is one of the most popular drinks in the world and it makes sense to know all its benefits. It encourages our body to consume more energy, so it pulls our reserves accumulated as fat. Also, it speeds up our metabolism and is a diuretic. You should drink an infusion of green tea daily to take advantage of all its properties.

4- Mint, pepper, and honey

Keep the belly fat at bay with a preparation containing all three ingredients. First, you should make an infusion with the mint leaves and when it has cool down, add a spoonful of honey and some pepper. The last seasoning makes your body sweat, your metabolism is boosted and, therefore, you burn fat.

5- Dandelion

This plant is very good for purifying our body and eliminating retained liquids. Therefore, it is very used to lower the volume of the belly. It is as simple as making an infusion with the dry leaves of dandelion and drinking it twice a day.

6- Try a fat flush soup

You will need the following ingredients: onions, celery, green peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, salt and pepper to season. You can add a cubit of chicken broth. The way of preparation is very simple. Cut the vegetable into pieces, boil them with water, season and voilĂ . You can take it cold or hot. 

7- Pineapple

This fruit helps us to burn fat indirectly. It is very rich in vitamin C, much needed for the body to eliminate fat. Include pineapple in your diet to reduce the abdomen, ingest few calories and have a feeling of satiety. What more could you want!