A Diet for Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome, in short PCOS, is a female endocrine disorder that affects 5-10% of women. It is characterized by irregular periods, ovarian cysts, acne, weight gain or inability to lose weight, excessive body hair and face, and infertility. There is no cure for this hormonal disorder, but with proper diet and regular physical activity can reduce the severity of symptoms.

Insulin resistance

The PCOS may manifest at any time of life, from age 8 until all ages. The cause of its development is still unknown but there are some clues pointing in the direction of insulin resistance, which may be part of the problem and can contribute to many of the symptoms experienced by women. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas and its main role is to control sugar levels in the blood. However, cells, tissues and organs of most women with PCOS become resistant and produce more and more insulin. These high constant levels contribute to the imbalance.

Low fat diets do not work

Most women with PCOS are overweight and between 50 and 60% are obese. But they make many efforts to lose weight with traditional diets low in fat, without success. Low fat diets are generally high in carbohydrates because they trigger the release of insulin resistance perpetuate itself when PCOS is present. Elevated levels of insulin constants become stored fat and a large portion of carbohydrates consumed is converted into fat and stored in fat cells.

Controlling carbohydrate intake

Reducing carbohydrate intake will lower insulin levels, which helps prevent more fat storage and helps promote the burn of fat and lose weight. The standard American diet consists of 300 g carbohydrates, 50% or more of calories per day. Most women with PCOS benefit if they lower intake per day to 160 g which is 40% of calories in a 1600 calorie diet. Control your intake of carbohydrates and gradually lower them until your symptoms improve and begin to lose weight in a consistent manner. Get a full list of foods to eat and to avoid on PCOS diet on http://detoxscientific.com/pcos-diet/.

A healthy diet with controlled carbohydrate

Women with PCOS should eat some carbohydrates in a healthy diet. Some women can tolerate 150 g of carbohydrates per day, while others may eat only 80 go to as few as 50 g per day. Do not go down too much, less than 40 g per day of carbs per day is not recommended. Always combine them with fiber, protein and fats for your diet to be healthy. For example, you can get fiber from non-starchy vegetables, chicken breasts, healthy fats vinaigrettes with olive oil and 15-20 g carbohydrate, 1 cup of raspberries mixed with 1/2 cup plain yogurt. For additional diet and detox tips, visit http://detoxscientific.com/.