Brainification Releases Best Brain Supplements Rankings for 2014/2015 released this year’s best brain supplements 2014 / 2015 for consumers, with keeping to the organization’s mission of providing free resources for those interested in maximizing their brain health and function. Within the review, Limidax XR, Brainstack 2.0, and Braino made the top 3 brain pills. According to Brainification, the reviewers had several major influences in deciding their rankings, including the effects of each brain pill brands’ in relation to boosting Focus & Concentration, Mental Energy & Memory, Reputation of the Company behind the respective product, and the Value. In addition to these considerations, the rankings also used much research data, including the background information and company claims of products, pricing plans, company policies (shipping, refunds, and returns), list of ingredients, and notable statuses.

In the end, Limidax XR took home first place for the best brain booster pill for 2014 / 2015.  The reviewers were impressed with the product’s effectiveness and the honest company policies when it came to providing customers with easy shipping, returns, refunds, and subscription services. For example, customers are provided with 30 days after receipt of the Limidax brain pills to return any unwanted products. Even more impressive, Limidax provides straightforward options for purchase to its customers. The options include a Trial of the product (without any subscription add-on, absolutely no strings), a Monthly option (with the ability to cancel the auto-ship anytime before the next shipment without contacting customer service; they provide 3 different ways to easily cancel the subscription).

Brainification highlighted that Limidax has both short term and long term effects. Users feel the effects kick in 30 minutes after the first pill, and the increased concentration and focus can last anywhere from 6 to 12 hours, depending on the user’s genetics, weight, and gender. Limidax contains clinically researched ingredients that may help improve recall, mental agility, memory, and concentration. Limidax is advertised as a product that helps its users, whether their students, military, professionals, or stay-at-home parents, meet their productivity goals.

A major differentiation over other products in the market is the utilization of micro-encapsulation technology by Limidax. Micro-encapsulation is expensive, but really the only effective method used by a brain supplement to ensure a controlled, slow-release of key ingredients over a longer period. This practice allows Limidax to allow its selected ingredients to be shielded, regulated, and more effectively delivered in the intended manner.

Limidax XR is a vegetarian product. Limidax does not contain any gluten, GMO’s, artificial coloring, or preservatives. Nutrition and diet will always play a crucial role in the short-term and long-term health for all of us. Maintaining and boosting mental capacities is very important, especially as competition around the world reaches ever new heights. A comprehensive overview of Limidax can be read at’s Limidax reviews article.

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