Detoxifying the body from heavy metals naturally

Nowadays, our health is increasingly threatened by heavy metals and other toxins. One of the most common metals to which we are exposed people is mercury, frequently due to dental fillings. Every time you chew or bite, particles from this material are ejected and are deposited in your body. Dental fillings are not the only causes of mercury deposits. There are other sources: fish, the commonly known for its high mercury content is tuna due sea pollution; insecticides (they usually contain at least one heavy metal); certain prescription drugs particularly those taken to lower high blood pressure; and the air we breathe every seconds polluted by industrial gas emissions and cars. Other heavy metals that accumulate the most are: lead, aluminum, cadmium and platinum from paint, petrochemical, printing, cooking material (aluminum foil etc).

These metals gradually impact the body when accumulating for years and can trigger heart disease and respiratory disease like asthma, psychological and immunological disorders, depression, anxiety, allergies, gastrointestinal diseases and even cancer. Fortunately, you do not have to spend money on medical treatments to get your body rid of these poisons. There are many natural remedies very efficient for a heavy metal detox. You can remove toxic metals from the body with food you buy at the market.

Foods to remove heavy metals from the body

Minerals that will help you detox are manganese, selenium, zinc, germanium and molybdenum. These are found in the following foods:

– Garlic : converts soluble heavy metals in the water, helping to easily remove them. This is because garlic is composed of sulfur that has the ability of oxidizing mercury. Garlic is thus efficient in mercury detox.
– Beet : is very effective in detoxification and in turn, a great source of nutrients such as biotin, soluble in water and metabolizing proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
– Carrot : helps stimulate the liver, gastrointestinal tract and kidneys while helping to remove metals that accumulate in the body.
– Citrus : orange, tangerine and lemon possess a decontaminant action that helps remove traces of heavy metals from the body.
– Apple : provides 10% of daily fiber intake and in turn, serves to dispose of toxins. Apple juice is ideal for removing aluminum.