Tips for Losing Weight After 40

Losing weight after 40 is harder than it used to be. You eat light but you do not see any changes that are reflected in your figure. True, achieving the objective of losing weight after the four decades is usually an arduous task. However, it is not impossible. If this is your case, take note of the tips that you must follow to lose weight and fat after 40, with constancy and discipline.

Slow metabolism

With the years our organism is not the same and its metabolism, this process starts to slow down and that is why if you managed to lose weight by consuming a quantity x of calories, today at this age doing the same, you do not get the same results.

It is clear then that as we are getting older the metabolism slows down by 5% for each decade that passes. On average when we are at rest, even if we do not exercise, we burn between 70% and 75% of the calories consumed. This is by thinking, eating, working or just walking from one place to another, whether in the office or at home.

But when we reach 40 or 50 years, this changes. If before 40, we burn 1200 calories while at rest, after this age, we burn about 1100 or maybe less.

Big culprits

Did you know that it is the sex hormones that cause us to lose and maintain weight at this time in our lives? In men testosterone and estrogen in women. It is over 40 when estrogen levels fall in women and their body, as it is no longer ready for pregnancy, begins to accumulate fat in the buttocks, hips and also in the abdomen.

Guidelines You Must Follow to Lose Weight After 40

1. Discard the diets

As we have already mentioned, at this age, to lose weight after 40, even if you follow strict diets, just as you did at age 20, it is unlikely that you will get what you want. Instead of diets, you should make adjustments to your diet.

Set five meals a day, remember that even healthy meals can make you fat, so balance your food between proteins, vegetables, and fiber. Also, you must drink plenty of water.

Some specialists recommend that your lunch, for example, to be covered in half of your plate with vegetables, plus a quarter of protein and a quarter of carbohydrates, low in glycemic index.

2. Have a good sleep

Sleep is also related to metabolism in digestion and calorie consumption. If you sleep poorly, this is less than 7 hours, you will not burn calories and fats. This especially affects women because of the hormonal changes that occur with the onset of menopause. Try to complete a relaxed sleep, which reaches 8 hours or at least 7, thus you will get besides to lose weight.

3. Exercise

It is always necessary to stay active to burn calories. Although at this stage of life, getting results quickly is a bit difficult, it does not mean that we cross our arms and we dedicate ourselves to be sitting watching television, none of that. Nor is it worth exaggerating, just start a routine of walks, dance or aerobics, among other activities that involve physical effort. You know, half an hour is enough.

4. Visit your doctor

Do not hesitate to do a medical checkup. You may not achieve your goal of lowering a single kilo because of some thyroid problem, especially for hypothyroidism. When this happens, the thyroid which is a gland that produces hormones that must regulate the metabolism no longer does it properly and therein lies the problem. It fattens very easily.

Food to eat


Avoid drinking water with sugar, it is better to take water with lemon and it is more effective if you do it from the start of the day, the first drink you consume should be a warm lemonade, besides helping you eliminate fat, will detoxify your body of impurities.

The Linseed

This is another element that helps us maintain a better figure. The flaxseed is rich in fiber and contributes to making us feel satisfied by consuming it, calming our appetite. You can soak about two tablespoons in warm water for an hour before and then take it, chewing the flaxseed.

The cinnamon

Cinnamon can also help us eliminate fat and its consumption does not mean that we add calories, on the contrary. For its flavor sweet, in turn, many use it in replacement of sugar

Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar reduces high levels of LDL cholesterol, ideally, it is taken three times a day. Thanks to its inositol compound, apple vinegar helps the removal of fat, removing it from our body.

Other recommended foods are green tea, grapefruit juice, and seaweed, however as we always emphasize how important is that in addition to the diet we include some exercises in our life.